Sean Carrillo


Employment History

2005 - Present -- BT/Citibank New York City

Citibank Executive Conference Center – Responsible for all Video Conferencing and Media Services needs throughout the Executive Conference Center as well as providing Telepresence and technical on-site support to executive level conference area at 399 Park Avenue working directly with CEO, CFO and other executive level staff.

1995 - 2004 -- Corporate Productions, Inc.

Producer, Director, Writer
Corporate Productions Inc, is a multi-media company with a client list that includes more than 30 Fortune 500 companies as well as trade associations, foundations, educational institutions, government agencies and trade unions. CPI is unique for its longevity and its exclusive commitment to corporate and institutional clients.





Facilitating permits

Interface with government agencies

Stock footage acquisition

Managing inter-office communication

Oversee, pre-production, production and post-production

Client Roster (partial)

ChevronTexaco Shipping - San Rafael, CA

Machinists Non Partisan Political League - Upper Marlboro, MD

Hawaii Pacific University - Honolulu, HI

Braille Institute - Los Angeles, CA

Nicholas Green Foundation - Bodega Bay, CA


English, Spanish, Italian, French


Final Cut Pro, Media 100, After Effects, Photoshop, Live Type, Boris Red, Microsoft Word, Excel, ACT, Access, Acrobat, Hotmetal, Macromedia Director, Dreameaver

1995 – 2004 Al Hansen Archive


As co-director of the archive with special emphasis on visual and photographic media it has been my responsibility to work with museums and retail galleries sending works of art for exhibition, loan and consignments.

We maintain all artwork and documentation of such both in the U.S. and abroad for works held both publicly and privately.

As a founding member of the Fluxus and Happenings movement Al Hansen (1927-1995) is primarily known as a collage and performing artist.

1990 – 1995 Troy Cafe and Gallery


A cultural venue/coffeehouse (Los Angeles) dedicated to promoting those under represented in traditional institutions.

1984 – 1990

Freelance - Video and Film Editor

CPI Video

Churchill Films

1981 – 1983 Exploratorium Gallery - California State University Los Angeles

Assistant Director

Responsibilities: Assist curatorial staff, Creation of promotional materials and announcements, Scheduling peakers and guest artists, Gallery design, Documentation including photographing exhibitions and videotaping performances.

Non-Profit Experience

2000 – 2002 Silver Lake Silver Lining – Board of Directors

In 2000 the Silver Lake Silver Lining was formed in order to support the work of the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic. After two years of fundraising the clinic was made solvent once again. Performers donating their services to the fundraiser included The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sting and Elton John. The events were hosted by Robert Downey Jr. and Christina Ricci.

1999 - 2000 Southwest Voter Registration Project

Registered voters in precincts door to door.

1989 – 1990 Sunset Hall – Board of Directors

In 1989 Sunset Hall (retirement home) was slated for closure. As a neighbor and concerned friend I was enlisted to join the Board of Directors with special emphasis on media relations. As a result of our campaign to make known the plight of the seniors, Sunset Hall was eventually saved and continues to this day as the only retirement home for progressive seniors in the Western United States.

1987 – 2003 Independent Filmmaker

As an independent video producer I continue to work on projects that offer me an outlet for my creativity without interruption of my career oriented goals. My films have been screened at various film festivals in the US and Canada.

Grants Received

California Council for the Humanities 1999

Pacific Pioneer Fund 2000

Fund for Folk Art 2001


Currently I am in post production on a video documenting the life of Chicano musician, singer and songwriter Lalo Guerrero.


Since 1987 I have been married to writer/director Bibbe Hansen. We have three children, Channing, a visual and performing artist; Beck, a pop musician; and Rain, a poet, teacher and mother of five.